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*Vergilius: Commentarii Antiqui et Vitae
*Vergilius: Commentarii Antiqui et Vitae
*Vergilius: Aeneis
*Vergilius: Aeneis
*Vergilius: Bucolica
*Vergilius: Georgica
*Vergilius: Studia Generalia
*M. van der Poel, Classics, Nijmegen
*Most pages last updated January 1, 2011.
*A set of pages covering bibliography on the sub-topics named above.  Taken together they include sections on bibliographies, editions, indices, commentaries, and scholarly monographs, in all languages; much secondary literature is not covered. The interface is in latin.

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Return to Latin Authors

A Bibliographic Guide to Vergil's Aeneid

  • Shirley Werner, formerly Department of Classics, Rutgers.
  • No last update date; latest works cited are late 1990s.
  • This is a fairly comprehensive bibliography, divided into sections, including Ancient Scholarship, Commentaries, Editions, Patronage, and many other topics. It includes works in all languages.

Vergil Bibliography

  • James O'Hara, Department of Classics, UNC
  • Last updated 2007 (comprehensive update 2004).
  • A selective and "unpolished" bibliography, with books and articles in all languages but an emphasis on English.


  • Wilfried Stroh, Institut für Klassische Philologie, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
  • Created winter 2002-2003.
  • A 474-item bibliography, with books and articles in multiple languages, broken down by specific works and general topics.

Virgil and Rome Bibliography

New Research Tools: Bibliographies

  • Bibliographies by Alexander MacKay and Nicklas Holzberg, posted by the The Vergilian Society, hosted at Clark University, webmaster Philip V. Stanley (SFSU).
  • MacKay bibliographies published 1987-1993; Holzberg bibliographies latest is 2007.
  • Comprehensive bibliographies, including all languages.

Vergilius at Bibliographical Latina Selecta

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