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3 Ways to Eliminate Consumer debt Are you looking for three simple new ways to eliminate your personal debt? The first one is obvious, stop using your credit cards. This may seem to be a silly thing to urge, but the best way to get a handle on your spending is to only spend the cash you have - have got paid your bills. 2nd, consider consolidating your unsecured debt onto one card : or moving a balance from card, to one by having a lower interest rate. Some people are in the constant cycle of moving to another location 0% interest rate business card. This can be a good pain, but you'll save big money and buy yourself more time to the debt. Third, get started making double payments. In case the calculated minimum payment should be on the accrued attention, then you need to make a double payment to hit the principle for the debt. By finally hitting that principle and discontinuing using the card for acquisitions, you'll see that balance begin to drop.

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