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This page is used for collecting links to existing open-access bibliographies that fit the scope of the project. Please email additional suggestions to phoebe.acheson at Thanks!

If you'd like to add items yourself, feel free to edit the wiki. Format of entries is suggested:

  • Title (usually taken from the page itself, unless that is nonexistent or obscure).
  • Link (include text of url and the wiki will automatically hotlink it).
  • Author (individual or corporate, with academic affiliation if appropriate).
  • Last update date (if available; if not I try to note how late items in the bibliography go).
  • Description. Things to note include the audience (some bibliographies specifically target undergraduates or the general public), what sorts of resources are listed (books, articles, web sites, scholarly or popular?), if there is a focus on resources in a specific language, if there are annotations, if the bibliography is structured with sub-headings and examples of them, etc.

The categories are ad-hoc at the moment and may change as the project develops a robust classification scheme for subjects.


Near East – General

Abzu - Etana

  • Charles E. Jones, Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York University
  • Updated 2011.
  • Abzu, a part of the website, "is a guide to networked open access data relevant to the study and public presentation of the Ancient Near East and the Ancient Mediterranean world." The bibliography includes web sites and publications in multiple languages, and is searchable by keyword, subject, author, and title, and browseable by author.

Chroniques Assyriologiques

The Melammu Project: The Intellectual Heritage of Assyria and Babylonia in East and West

Paléorient: prehistoire et proto-histoire de L’Asie du Sud-Ouest

Bibliography for Ancient Near Eastern Hell

  • Eileen Gardiner, American Council of Learned Societies.
  • Last updated 2008.
  • This site contains a series of bibliographies on ancient conceptions of hell. Most include sections on primary sources and secondary studies. The Bibliography for Jewish and Christian Hells is by far the most detailed and lengthy; the others are quite short. Most works are in English, but there are a few in other languages.

Biblical Bibliography of Lausanne - BiBIL

  • Thomas Naef et al., Institut romand des sciences bibliques (IRSB) of Lausanne University/Switzerland (UNIL)
  • Currently updated (2011).
  • BiBIL is a large bibliographic database covering works related to Biblical Studies and related fields, including ancient Near Eastern studies in general. An advanced search allows searching by author, title, year, source, keyword, biblical reference, and Greek or Hebrew terms. The search interface is available in English, French, and German. There is also a Thesaurus allowing browsing by subject areas ("Categories Search"). BiBIL has a presence on Facebook ( ) where updates to the database are announced.

Near Eastern History

Knowledge and Power in the Neo-Assyrian Empire

  • Karen Radner, University College London, and Eleanor Robson, Cambridge
  • 2007.
  • Extensive bibliography, with many links to downloads of English-language works on Neo-Assyrian history, politics and scholarship suitable for undergraduate teaching.

Near Eastern Languages

A Bibliography of Ugaritic Grammar and Biblical Hebrew Grammar in the Twentieth Century

  • Mark S. Smith, Skirball Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies, New York University
  • Updated 2004.
  • This bibliography, comprehensive to the time of last update, is highly structured by topic. It is available to download as a .pdf, .doc, or .rtf file from the link above.

A bibliography of Semitic Linguistics (1940-2000)

Newsletter for Targumic and Cognate Studies, Bibliography

Kritische Bibliographie der Lexikographie des Hethitischen

  • M. Marazzi, N. Bolatti Guzzo, et al., Universita Napoli
  • Currently updated (2010-2011)
  • This resources consists of an alphabetical list of Hittite terms, which when clicked give access to citations from the comprehensive Hethische Bibliographie (see below) relevant to the study of the terms.

Neo-Sumerian Bibliography (BDTNS)

Near Eastern Texts

Bibliography of the Cuneiform Texts and Inscriptions kept in Syrian Museums

  • Syrian Digital Library of Cuneiform, a project of multiple academic and civic institutions.
  • No last update date; citations include works as recent as 2009.
  • The bibliography is organized by archaeological site (there are 37) with notes on what periods were excavated, what museum the materials are currently stored in, and citations to scholarly reports, as well as links to existing project web sites. The entire website is also available in French and Arabic.

Corpus of Ancient Mesopotamian Scholarship Bibliography

  • The Geography of Knowledge in Assyria and Babylonia, based at the University of Cambridge and funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council
  • May 2011
  • This bibliography of over 200 editions and commentaries on first-millennium works of cuneiform scholarship also gives access to the texts edited in the Corpus of Ancient Mesopotamian Scholarship. Project members, past and present: Marie-Françoise Besnier, Philippe Clancier, Graham Cunningham, Frances Reynolds, Eleanor Robson, Steve Tinney, and Greta Van Buylaere. Released under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license.

Nuzi, Arrapha, Tell al-Fahhar: Publication des textes datant du Bronze Récent

Groddeks Liste der Sekundärliteratur zu Textstellen aus Boğazköy

The Neo-Punic Inscriptions and Coin Legends

Emar Online Database

  • Yoram Cohen, Lorenzo d’Alfonso, Dietrich Sürenhagen
  • January 2008
  • This database of more than 12,000 items, organized by text, includes references to the texts from Emar and its vicinity found in the scholarly literature up to 2003, including texts excavated in the 1970s and texts from illegal excavations that have come to public attention.

Hellenistic Babylonia: Texts, Images and Names

  • Department of Near Eastern Studies, University of California, Berkeley
  • Last updated 2009/2010.
  • Included are monographs and articles in multiple languages, in sections Texts, Seal Impressions, and Secondary Studies, with a heading Art and Archaeology marked "coming soon."

Near Eastern Mathematics and Astronomy

Bibliography of Mesopotamian Mathematics

  • Eleanor Robson, History and Philosophy of Science, Cambridge
  • Last updated 1997.
  • Selected bibliography organized by topics, including overviews and texts, pre-Old Babylonian math, etc. Omits works not in French, German, or English.

Bibliography of Mesopotamian Mathematics

  • Duncan J. Melville, Dept. of Mathematics, St. Lawrence University (New York State)
  • Last updated January 19, 2011.
  • This comprehensive bibliography is arranged alphabetically and includes works in all languages, including Italian and Russian.

Bibliography of Mesopotamian Astronomy and Astrology

  • R. H. van Gent, Institute for History and Foundations of Science, Utrecht University
  • Copyright date 2004, but listed as "under construction."
  • This comprehensive bibliography is divided into sections including primary sources, astral mythology, lunar & solar motions, and more. It includes books and scholarly articles in all languages; there are some incomplete citations which are highlighted in yellow.

A Guide to Near Eastern Astronomy: Bibliography

  • Hope Anthony, formerly Astronomy, Pomona College
  • Last updated August 27, 1995.
  • This short bibliography includes articles and monographs in English, divided into sections on Astronomy, Religion, Art and Archaeology, Literature, Politics and State, and General Resources.

Near Eastern Religion

Ancient Mesopotamian Gods and Goddesses: Bibliography

  • AMGG Project Team (see About page)
  • Updated 12/31/2012.
  • This select bibliography includes articles, including encyclopedia articles, and monographs, in multiple languages. It is arranged alphabetically by author.

Near Eastern Archaeology


Bibliography for Near Eastern Terracottas


Herodianische Architektur. Eine Bibliographie

Archaeological Sites (and Area Survey Projects)

The West Bank and East Jerusalem Searchable Map (Archaeological Sites)

  • Work of the Israeli-Palestinian Archaeology Working Group, hosted by the University of Southern California.
  • Updated as of November, 2010, with future updates projected.
  • Linked from the home page of the project is a 52-page bibliography, aimed at being comprehensive, of archaeological publications covering work in the area from 1967-present.

Archaeological Bibliography: Israel

  • Archaeological Bibliography (Israel)
  • Sam Wolff, Israel Antiquities Authority
  • Last updated December 2008.
  • This extremely lengthy bibliography (a 387-page Word document) on archaeology in Israel is arranged alphabetically by author and does not include Hebrew titles. An introductory note gives more detail on what is included and the formatting of the entries.

Bibliografía de los estudios de Emar

Tell Halaf Ausgrabungsprojekte: Literaturliste

  • Tell Halaf Ausgrabungsprojekte
  • Last updated January 2012.
  • This bibliography includes monographs and articles in multiple languages. It can be sorted alphabetically by author, or to include only excavation reports, and also downloaded as a .pdf file. Interface is in German.

Megiddo Bibliography

  • The Megiddo Expedition (Tel Aviv University and consortial members)
  • No last updated date; latest works are 2006.
  • This select bibliography includes general works, excavation publications, summary publications, and thematic studies, and includes articles and books, exclusively in English. The bibliography can be downloaded in Word or as a .pdf file, and there are links to full-text versions of older publications that are available open-access.

Consolidating Empire: Reconstructing Hegemonic Practices of the Middle Assyrian Empire at the Late Bronze Age Fortified Estate of Tell Sabi Abyad, Syria, ca. 1230 – 1180 BC - Publications

  • Dunnu Project Team at Leiden University; Dr. Bleda S. Düring, director.
  • Updated 2012.
  • This short bibliography comprises existing publications relating to the excavation of Tell Sabi Abyad.


Qatna: A Short Bibliography

  • Prof. Daniele Morandi Bonacossi, Dipartimento di Storia e Tutela dei Beni Culturali, *Università degli Studi di Udine
  • Copyrighted and latest items are 2006.
  • This lengthy bibliography includes articles and books in multiple languages. It is arranged into 5 sections (early archaeology, current archaeology, material culture studies, epigraphic studies, and general and historical studies) and items are listed alphabetically by author within each section. The bibliography is also available as a linked .pdf file. The site as a whole is available in English, Arabic, and Italian.

Central Lydia Archaeological Survey: Bibliography

  • CLAS Directors, Christopher H. Roosevelt and Christina Luke, Boston University
  • Last updated 2010.
  • This bibliography includes articles, conference papers, and a book that publish material from the CLAS; all items are in English.

Upper Tigris Archaeological Research Project (UTARP) Bibliography

  • Bradley J. Parker, Department of History, University of Utah
  • No last updated date; latest works 2011.
  • This select bibliography includes publications and presentations of the work of the UTARP project (1999-2008), all in English. Sections are: Reports (including annual reports available in .pdf); Synthetic Studies; Conference Papers and Invited Presentations.

Tell Leilan Project: Selected Publications


Archaeobotanical reports from sites in the Near East

  • Naomi F. Miller, University of Pennsylvania Museum
  • Last updated January 2011.
  • Botanical reports from archaeological sites from a wide area, including Syria, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Central Asia, and the Levant.There is also a site index.

Area or Cultural Studies


Hethitische Bibliographie

  • M. Marazzi, G. G. W. Muller, et al., Napoli and Wurzburg
  • Currently updated (2011)
  • Part of the Hethische Portal site, this searchable bibliographic database has interfaces in German, Italian, French and English and aims to be comprehensive.

Nabatean Studies

BNS – The Bulletin of Nabataean Studies - Bibliography

  • Bulletin of Nabatean Studies, Association for the Understanding of Ancient Cultures, Basel.
  • Copyrighted 2011; no last update date.
  • This 1644 item bibliography includes books and articles in multiple languages, and is searchable by author, title/subtitle, and year. A complete list can also be produced.

Nabatean Numismatic Bibliography A to Z


Annotated Parthia Bibliography

  • Chris Hopkins.
  • Last updated October 18, 2009.
  • This bibliography contains 3454 items, sorted by author, and available over a series of separate web pages. Items include monographs and articles in multiple languages, and many entries include an abstract or an annotation by the compiler of the bibliography. The focus of the bibliography is numismatics, but many other topics are covered.

Egypt, General

Aigyptos, a searchable bibliography on Egyptology

  • From the Universities of Munich and Heidelberg.
  • Updates ceased July 2011; the site is expected to remain available through 2012 (available 8/2012); work is in progress to move items from this site to the Online Egyptological Bibliography (, which is, unfortunately, subscription-only.
  • This database of 52404 entries covering 1978-2011 can be searched by author, title, keyword, etc. There are extensive directions for building queries, and entries have subject indexing.

Literaturdatenbank des Instituts für Ägyptologie und Koptologie der Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität Münster

  • Erhart Graefe, Institut für Ägyptologie und Koptologie, Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität Münster
  • Currently updated.
  • A searchable bibliographic database of 66,500 items, of which 85% are searchable by keywords added when entries were added to the database. The database includes monographs and articles in multiple languages in the collection of the Institute, and is most complete from 1987-present.

Selected Bibliography for Ancient Egypt

  • Unattributed, Department of Egyptian and Western Asian Studies, Brown University
  • No last update date; latest items in bibliography are 2002.
  • Intended as a starting point for English-language students and the general public, this bibliography focuses on books published in the 1980s and 1990s, divided into sub-topics (art, heirogylphs, daily life, pharaohs).

Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities: Recommended Reading

  • Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities, unattributed.
  • No last update date.
  • Aimed at the general reader, these are short lists of monographs in English on a variety of subjects: A Few Good Books About Egyptian Temples, Ancient Egyptian Religion and Mythology, Arts and Crafts of Ancient Egypt, From Ramesses to Cleopatra, Hatshepsut: A Brief Bibliography, Reading Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

University of Heidelberg Library

  • Recent acquisitions is updated monthly; other sections are actively being updated (2011).
  • The main link above includes sub-links to recent acquisitions at the library, a digital library of full-text scholarly resources in Egyptology from the 16th-early 20th centuries, and cross-references to resources like Propylaeum for Classical Studies, also hosted at Heidelberg.

Medjay Bibliography

Bibliography for Egyptian Hell

  • Eileen Gardiner, American Council of Learned Societies.
  • Last updated 2008.
  • This site contains a series of bibliographies on ancient conceptions of hell. Most include sections on primary sources and secondary studies. The Bibliography for Jewish and Christian Hells is by far the most detailed and lengthy; the others are quite short. Most works are in English, but there are a few in other languages.

Monasteries and Monastic Life in Egypt

  • Laurence Mofta, Reference Services, Library of the American University in Cairo
  • Last updated March 2003.
  • This 150-page annotated bibliography is subdivided by topic (using Library of Congress subject headings) and includes topics like art, celibacy, and preservation.

Egyptian Archaeology

Les Temples de Karnak: bibliographie provisoire.

CFEETK: Centre Franco-Egyptien d'Etude des Temples de Karnak - Bibliography

  • CFEETK; Sébastien Biston-Moulin, compiler.
  • Updated May 2012.
  • This bibliography's goal is to be comprehensive, and it includes monographs and articles in multiple languages dating from 1813-2012, organized by year, and alphabetically by author within each year. The bibliography is also searchable and can be sorted in other ways. Links are provided to items available in full-text online, with a color-code for those available open-access and by subscription. Additions to the bibliography may be emailed to the compiler.

Giza Digital Library, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Medinet Madi: Bibliography

Bibliography of Theban West Bank Archaeological Sites (Theban Mapping Project)

Topographical Bibliography of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Texts, Statues, Reliefs, and Paintings

Das Edfu-Projekt: Bibliothek

  • Multiple contributors, Archäologisches Institut der Universität Hamburg.
  • No last update date, but seems to be currently maintained; 2008 citations are included.
  • Includes articles, books, and book chapters in many European languages. Offers links to full-text online (open access in many cases; some require subscription through an institution).

A Systematic Bibliography on Deir el-Medîna

  • R.J. Demarée, B.J.J. Haring, W. Hovestreydt and L.M.J. Zonhoven, Universiteit Leiden
  • Updated December, 2007.
  • An alphabetically arranged list of citations related to the non-literary texts from Deir el-Medina (and the site generally), with books and monographs in multiple languages. Works are classified into various topical categories (i.e. Papyri, Ostraka, Grammar, Juridical Aspects).

Berenike: Publications

  • The Berenike Project (1994-2001), University of Delaware and Leiden University.
  • Latest works are 2000; links elsewhere at the site point to ongoing work at Berenike.
  • This select bibliography includes all publications of the Berenike Project, and a select list of other publications dealing with the site.

U. C. Berkeley Excavations at El Hibeh: Bibliography

  • Brian Muhs, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, University of Chicago
  • No last updated date; latest work cited is 1998.
  • This bibliography, associated with the site for the 2001-2007 Berkeley excavations, has two sections. The first is an overview of the history of excavation at the site from the 19th century to 1980, with publications; the second reviews the finds and texts (and their publication) from the site by historical period.

Egypt, Language and Literature

Glyphs and Grammars Part I: Resources for beginners

  • A. K. Eyma, Independent Researcher.
  • Last updated November 7, 2010.
  • An annotated bibliography of resources (mainly books and web sites) for learning hierogylphs and grammar at the introductory level, with resources available in multiple modern languages.

Glyphs and Grammars Part II: Advanced resources

  • A. K. Eyma and Michael Tilgner.
  • Last updated December 8, 2010.
  • An annotated bibliography of resources, mainly books and web sites, in multiple modern languages, for learning Egyptian, including subtopics Old Egyptian, Late Egyptian, Demotic, Hieratic, Ptolemaic, Coptic, and Vocalization.

The EEF Guide to Internet Resources for Ancient Egyptian Texts

Selected Bibliography of the Coptic Language

Literaturverzeichnis zu der Erzählung des Sinuhe


Bibliography on Papyrus Egerton 2

Demotistische Literaturübersicht

  • M. Depauw & F. Hoffmann, Trismegistos
  • Currently updated.
  • Searchable, comprehensive bibliography of Demotic Studies, appearing annually in the journal Enchoria since 1971.

Time and Space in Ancient Egyptian and General Linguistics


Advanced Papyrological Information System (APIS)

Berichtigungsliste der Griechischen Papyrusurkunden aus Ägypten (BL)

  • This series collects and publishes proposed emendations to texts and dating. Each entry gives the bibliographic information of the proposal and prints a new text if the proposed changes are substantial enough. To find whether a text has been commented upon in the BL, check the HGV entry. The DDbDP has incorporated some BL entries into its apparatus.

Checklist of Editions of Greek, Latin, Demotic, and Coptic Papyri, Ostraca, and Tablets

  • This gives the full bibliographic information for editions of texts and the standard abbreviation (e.g., P.Oxy.) that should be used when citing papyri published in volumes (or collected in the Sammelbuch). "See P.Oxy. XXI 2288.1" means the word or phrase cited can be found in volume 21 of The Oxyrhynchus Papyri, text 2288, line 1. Some authors will format the citation slightly differently, but nearly all now use these standard abbreviated volume names, though some publications, especially older ones, will use slightly different abbreviations. The Checklist also provides a list of periodicals that cater to papyrological publications and gives the abbreviated form of the journal name, which is useful for looking up citations, and which should be followed when citing these journals.

The Duke Data Bank of Documentary Papyri (DDbDP)

Ethnic Identity in Graeco-Roman Egypt

  • Elisabeth R. O’Connell, Center for Tebtunis Papyri, University of California, Berkeley.
  • No last updated date; was developed to accompany a 2004 lecture.
  • Bibliography includes books and articles in several languages; there are sub-sections including religion, language, and personal names and families.

Heidelberger Gesamtverzeichnis der griechischen Papyrusurkunden Ägyptens (HGV)

  • This is a database that provides a host of "metadata" (additional, contextual information) about the published documentary texts from Egypt. Each entry contains the most up-to-date information on the dating and origin of the text, references to any BL entries, a link to the text in the PN, and a link to the image if available, among other information. There is a help guide on using the database.

  • A papyrologist's second home. collects textual data from the DDbDP, metadata from the HGV, and any digital image(s) to give the most complete information about a published papyrus, and even some unpublished papyri (through APIS). The Papyrological Navigator (PN) allows one to search the entire corpus of the DDbDP. A new feature is the option to suggest emendations to DDbDP texts through the "Papyrological Editor" (link on front page of

The Papyrus Carlsburg Collection

Sammelbuch griechischer Urkunden aus Aegypten (SB)

  • This series collects documentary Greek texts from Egypt that are published in journals. Each numbered entry gives: the writing material, the type of document, the bibliographic information of the text, its holding information with inventory number, the origin of the text, its date, and finally the text of the document itself. Usually the entry simply re-publishes what is found in the editio princeps, but sometimes the editors will propose changes to the date or text, which will be noted. Like any publication, there are errors in the SB, and the date should always be checked in the HGV, while in regards to the text one should check the BL for any further proposed emendations.

A Select Bibliography of Papyrology

  • Traianos Gagos, late of the Library and Dept. of Classical Studies, University of Michigan.
  • Copyrighted 1/11/96 but web page last update is 8/1/09; works seem to be pre-1996.
  • This is described as an introductory bibliography, broken out by areas of interest (abbreviations, chronology, epistolography, editions). Coverage is international and includes books and articles. Can be downloaded ad a .doc file.

Specialized Bibliography on Early Roman Alexandria and Its Papyri Papyrological Bibliography

TM Bibliography

  • M. Depauw, Trismegistos
  • Currently updated (2011).
  • A searchable bibliography complementing the Trismegistos Texts, a set of papyrological and epigraphical resources dealing with Egypt and the Nile valley between roughly 800 BC and AD 800.

Biblical Studies

Zotero Bibliographies on Biblical Studies

Zotero Group: New Testament Greek

  • Group library with 17 members, managed by Rusty Taylor, Trinity Western University.
  • Last updated 8/2/12.
  • This Zotero library is structured with folders for grammars, lexicons, and vocabulary. It is relatively limited, and all items seem to be in English.

Zotero Group: Septuagint

  • Group library with 7 members, managed by Ken M. Penner, Religious Studies, St. Francis Xavier University
  • Last updated 5/23/12.
  • This Zotero library is structured with folders for editions, lexical works, manuscripts, and studies on specific books and sections thereof. It is fairly extensive.

Zotero Group: Pseudepigraphica

Donatism (Zotero Group)

Bibliography of Bernhard Weiss (1827 – 1918)

New Testament Interpretation: Bookshelf

  • David Stark, Biblical Studies, Southeastern Baptist Theological Society
  • Currently being updated.
  • Exclusively books, many in English but European languages are represented also. Subcategories include Early Christianity, Gospels, *New Testament Greek, Paul.

Paul and Scripture Bibliograpy

  • Paul and Scripture Seminar of the Society for Biblical Literature, maintained by Christopher Stanley and Bruce Fisk.
  • Currently being updated.
  • A searchable bibliography currently containing ca. 400 items, including books and articles in multiple languages.

Corinthian Studies Library

Corinthian Matters: Bibliographies

  • David Pettegrew, Department of History, Messiah College
  • Currently updated (February 2012).
  • The above link collects in one place several bibliographic resources from the blog Corinthian Matters. The blog regularly reviews new books and collects bibliographic items on a monthly basis; annually, lists of references are produced including bibliographies on Early Christianity and Corinth (2010, 2011) and History and Archaeology (2010, 2011). There is also a list of dissertations on the Corinthia (2000-present), and publications of EKAS, The Eastern Korinthia Archaeological Survey.

Bibliographic Information Base in Patristics

  • René-Michel Roberge, Faculté de théologie et de sciences religieuses, Université Laval, Québec
  • Currently updated (2011).
  • This searchable bibliographic database includes 42,500 citations from 700 journals on the topic of patristic studies, in many languages. The search interface is available in French only, but allows searching by keyword, author, title, and various subject descriptors, limiting by languages and broad subjects, and sorting results in a variety of ways. The database even exports citations in a format to work with EndNote!

Prophecy and Apocalyptic: An Annotated Bibliography

Bibliography for Jewish and Christian Hells

  • Eileen Gardiner, American Council of Learned Societies.
  • Last updated 2008.
  • This site contains a series of bibliographies on ancient conceptions of hell. Most include sections on primary sources and secondary studies. The Bibliography for Jewish and Christian Hells is by far the most detailed and lengthy; the others are quite short. Most works are in English, but there are a few in other languages.

Old Georgian

  • Adam C. McCollum, Hill Museum & Manuscript Library
  • In progress, 2012.
  • This Zotero bibliography currently consists of 67 items for Old Georgian language, literature, and relevant historical studies. Monographs and articles in multiple languages are included.

Hagiographia Orientalis

  • Adam C. McCollum, Hill Museum & Manuscript Library
  • In progress, 2012.
  • This Zotero bibliography currently consists of 67 items on the topic of "eastern Christian hagiography, including texts in Arabic, Armenian, Christian Palestinian Aramaic, Coptic, Gǝʿǝz, Old Georgian, Old Nubian, Syriac, Sogdian and studies of them."

Coptic Studies

Coptic Studies Bibliographies

  • Library of the American University in Cairo
  • No last update; include materials as late as 2006.
  • At the bottom of the linked page, under bibliographies, one can download Word documents with selected lists of books and journal articles for Coptic studies. Books are those in the AUC library, and include works in Arabic as well as European languages; journal articles are from multiple sources and in multiple languages.

Bibliographies from Plenary Sessions of the 10th International Congress of Coptic Studies, Rome, 17-22 September 2012

  • 10th International Congress of Coptic Studies
  • 2012
  • From this page are linked 11 bibliographies in .pdf, which are described and cataloged individually below. Topics include Coptic Art, Archaeology, Linguistics, Literature, Liturgy, and much more. Temporal coverage varies but is usually mid-2000s to 2012.

First Millennium Bibliography [for Coptic Studies]

Selected Bibliography of the Coptic Language

Bibliography on Coptic Dialects

Coptic Art and Archaeology Bibliography

Coptic Funerary Stelae and Inscriptions Bibliography

Ethiopic literary production related to the Egyptian culture

  • Alessandro Bausi, Hamburg
  • Updated 9/9/2012.
  • This 30-page .pdf file is a select, yet still extremely extensive, bibliography focused on works in Ethiopic Studies of most interest to Coptologists. It is arranged topically, with entries in chronological order under each topic, and covers items (articles and monographs) as late as 2012.

Coptic Literature (2008-2012)

Coptic Liturgy (2004-2012)

Shenoutean Studies: A Select Bibliography

Documentary Papyrology (2008-2012)

Egyptian Monasticism (2008-2012)

Coptic Archaeology (2008-2012)

Coptic Art (2008-2012)

  • Gertrud J.M. van Loon, Catholic University of Leuven
  • This 22-page .pdf is divided into subtopics, including Museum Catalogs, Drawing and Painting, and Iconography, with works listed alphabetically by author within subtopics. It includes monographs and articles in multiple languages published from 2008-2012.

Coptic Linguistics (2008-2012)

Coptic Codicology and Paleography (2004-2012)

  • Sofía Torallas Tovar, Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales, Spain
  • Updated 2012.
  • This 18-page .pdf includes articles and monographs and is organized by subtopics, including Cataloging, Coptic Libraries, and Paleography. Works, which are in multiple languages, are organized alphabetically by author.

Gnosticism and Manicheanism (2008-2012)

  • Gregor Wurst, Augsberg
  • Updated 2012.
  • The 11-page, double-printed .pdf has sections on Gnosticism and Manicheanism, with works divided into monographs and articles under each topic, listed alphabetically by author. Works are in multiple languages.

Syriac Studies

Resources for Syriac Studies

  • Jack Tannous, Scott Johnson, Dumbarton Oaks
  • Updated July 2012
  • This is an annotated collection of free and open source books, journals, and web sites, organized by categories: Introduction; Histories of Syriac Literature; Lexica, Dictionaries, and Glossaries; Grammars; Manuscript Catalogs; Bible; Hagiography; Chronicles and Historiography; Journals; Maps and Geography; Historic Scholarship.

A Comprehensive Bibliography on Syriac Christianity

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