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This page is used for collecting links to existing open-access bibliographies that fit the scope of the project. Please email additional suggestions to pacheson at Thanks!

If you'd like to add items yourself, feel free to edit the wiki. Format of entries is suggested:

  • Title (usually taken from the page itself, unless that is nonexistent or obscure).
  • Link (include text of url and the wiki will automatically hotlink it).
  • Author (individual or corporate, with academic affiliation if appropriate).
  • Last update date (if available; if not I try to note how late items in the bibliography go).
  • Description. Things to note include the audience (some bibliographies specifically target undergraduates or the general public), what sorts of resources are listed (books, articles, web sites, scholarly or popular?), if there is a focus on resources in a specific language, if there are annotations, if the bibliography is structured with sub-headings and examples of them, etc.

The categories are ad-hoc at the moment and may change as the project develops a robust classification scheme for subjects.


Classical Antiquity

Scholarly Bibliographies Available Online: Classical Antiquity

Near East and Egypt

Scholarly Bibliographies Available Online: Near East and Egypt

Comparative Mythology

Bibliography-in-Progress of Texts on Myths & Comparative Mythology

Pre-Classical Greece


  • Edited by Carol R. Hershenson, Department of Classics, University of Cincinnati.
  • New issues are published monthly and are available for free download; the database goes back to 1959.
  • Searchable bibliography of Aegean studies, Homeric society, Indo-European linguistics, and related fields; includes over 50,000 entries in multiple languages.

The Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean

Cretan Heiroglyphic Gyptic Mycenological Publications of Scholars of the Former Soviet Union

Thera and the Explosion

  • Richard Foulkes, hosted at Chloris, Department of Classics, University of Minnesota.
  • Last updated 2002.
  • A comprehensive bibliography, arranged alphabetically by author, including books and articles mostly in English but in some other languages, with a focus on archaeological science and the dating of the eruption.

The Cyclades: Bibliography

  • Richard Foulkes, hosted at Chloris, Department of Classics, University of Minnesota.
  • Last updated 2002.
  • Bibliographies for 15 Cycladic islands, with a focus on the Bronze Age, including articles and books in all languages.

Early Christianity/Late Antiquity

Bibliography of Lactantius

  • Jackson Bryce, Department of Classical Languages, Carleton College.
  • Updated August 2007.
  • This is a comprehensive bibliography, available as .pdf files, in 4 sections: bibliographic works, editions before 1700, editions after 1700 (with commentaries and translations), and secondary literature.

India and the Mediterranean

Ancient History Sourcebook: India and the Mediterranean: Bibliography

Africa and the Mediterranean

Greece, Rome and Africa: Bibliography

Hindu Civilization

Portal for online e-texts related to Hindu civilization.

Medieval Manuscripts

Catalogue of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts

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