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(Reference Works)
(Reference Works)
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'''Example Title or Lower-Level Sub-Head'''
'''Example Title or Lower-Level Sub-Head'''
*Example bullet point
*Example bullet point
* Example of how to link to an external page while displaying the url.
*[ Example Link to Google]
*[ Example Link to Google]

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This page is an example of how to structure and format a Bibliography you've created. This section might include a note on the scope and purpose of the bibliography that follows, and your name and academic affiliation.

Reference Works

This is the first of several sample sub-headings, used to help the reader navigate the bibliography. Reference works might include dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, or other works that give a good overview of the topic.

Example Title or Lower-Level Sub-Head

Existing Bibliographies

You might include citations to books or articles that focus on collecting bibliography on the subject, or include links to websites where bibliographies are stored.

Other Subheadings

These will vary considerably depending on the topic. An archaeological site might have headings like Preliminary Reports, Final Publications, Synthetic Analyses, etc. An ancient author might have Editions, Commentaries, Use your scholarly judgment as to what will be most useful.

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