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Return to Latin Authors

Ovid Bibliography

Bibliographie zu Ovid

  • http://www.kirke.hu-berlin.de/ovid/ovbibfr.html
  • Ulrich Schmitzer, Institut für Klassische Philologie, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
  • Section updates vary, generally ca. 2009.
  • Extensive bibliography with books and articles in multiple languages, divided into sections by works and topics, and organized alphabetically with the sections.

Recent Ovidian Bibliography (1990-2000)

  • http://blog.litot.es/projects/rob/
  • Sean Redmond, formerly New York University.
  • Last updated ca. 2000.
  • The link above goes to a description of this project by Redmond, which includes links to two versions of the (no longer formally extant) bibliography at Internet Archive. It was (is?) a comprehensive bibliography for Ovid for the dates covered.

Ovid Bibliography

Ovidius at Bibliographica Latina Selecta

A Hellenistic Bibliography: Ovid

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