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Lucretius at Bibliographica Latina Selecta

  • M. G. M. Van Der Poel, Classics Department, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen (Netherlands)
  • Last updated December 20, 2010.
  • This select bibliography includes bibliographies, editions, concordances, and scholarly monographs, in multiple languages.

Lucretius: Bibliography

  • David Sedley, Cambridge, for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  • Copyrighted 2008.
  • A short bibliography of editions, translations, and secondary sources, including books and articles, largely but not exclusively in English.

Select Bibliography for Lucretius

  • James J. Clauss, Department of Classics, University of Washington
  • No last update date: latest works are 1999.
  • A short bibliography for an undergraduate class, this list includes bibliographies, editions, and secondary sources, almost exclusively in English.

Lucretius: une bibliographie introductive au livre 3 du De rerum natura

  • Annick Monet, Bibliotheque des Science de l'Antiquite, Universite de Lille
  • No last update date; latest works cited are from 2000.
  • Divided into sections, including concordances, editions, language and style, and epicurianism. Multiple languages are included.

A Hellenistic Bibliography: Lucretius

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