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You can support the AWOB Project by:

  • Creating content
  • Linking to content
  • Improving existing content

To Create a New Bibliography Page Hosted at the Wiki

  • Create a link to a new page using double square brackets - what's inside the brackets will be the title of the new page:
    • Sample New Page To see what that looks like, click on "edit" for this page and look at the wiki markup.
  • Go to that new page and start adding content!

Suggestions for New Bibliographies

  • Use annotations. They add scholarly value!
  • Include links to WorldCat records for books, and include links to reviews, especially open-access ones (BMCR, AJA, etc.).
  • Include DOI links for articles, if possible, or other stable urls.
  • Arrange the bibliography using sections, for ease of navigation.

Learn How to Edit a Wiki

Not Comfortable Editing the Wiki Yourself?

Email with a link, a file (most formats supported - .ris or .doc are probably easiest if you have to choose) and our editorial team will add your content to the wiki for you.

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