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*Last updated 6 March 2009.
*Last updated 6 March 2009.
*This select list comprises publications of the work of the ICA at Chersonesus, arranged alphabetically by author.
*This select list comprises publications of the work of the ICA at Chersonesus, arranged alphabetically by author.
'''Corinthian Studies Library'''
*David Pettegrew, Messiah College and
*Last updated October 2012.
*This Zotero group library of 1,535 items is divided into two major sections: Archaeology and History, and Early Christian Studies. A detailed description of its organization and contents, with tips for use for those new to Zotero, is available at
'''Corinthian Matters: Bibliographies'''
'''Corinthian Matters: Bibliographies'''

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Return to Scholarly Bibliographies Available Online: Classical Antiquity

This page is used for collecting links to existing open-access bibliographies that fit the scope of the project. Please email additional suggestions to phoebe.acheson at Thanks!

If you'd like to add items yourself, feel free to edit the wiki. (Currently editing is restricted to registered users, due to spam, but I am happy to approve user accounts.) Format of entries is suggested:

  • Title (usually taken from the page itself, unless that is nonexistent or obscure).
  • Link (include text of url and the wiki will automatically hotlink it).
  • Author (individual or corporate, with academic affiliation if appropriate).
  • Last update date (if available; if not I try to note how late items in the bibliography go).
  • Description. Things to note include the audience (some bibliographies specifically target undergraduates or the general public), what sorts of resources are listed (books, articles, web sites, scholarly or popular?), if there is a focus on resources in a specific language, if there are annotations, if the bibliography is structured with sub-headings and examples of them, etc.

The categories are ad-hoc at the moment and may change as the project develops a robust classification scheme for subjects.


Method and Theory

Principles & Methods of Classical Archaeology - Bibliography

  • Warwick University, Classics and Ancient History
  • Last updated October 21, 2011
  • This is a reading list of monographs and a few articles, in English, for an undergraduate course. Sections include general works, theoretical developments, excavation, non-invasive methods, dating, post-excavation analyses, and selected sites.

Gender and Archaeology Bibliography

  • Sixth Gender and Archaeology Conference, 2000, Northern Arizona University's Department of Anthropology and Women's Studies Program
  • Last updated May 2001.
  • This lengthy bibliography, arranged alphabetically and mostly in English, includes resources on women archaeologists and the practice of archaeology (including Classical archaeology and world archaeology) as well as sources on interpreting gender from archaeological remains, especially in prehistory (worldwide).

General, or Thematic

Classical Archaeology Bibliography

  • Cornell University Department of Classics
  • No last update date; page copyrighted 2011.
  • An introductory reading list of monographs in English, aimed at students entering the graduate concentration in Classical Archaeology, with sections Theory and Concerns, Methods and Materials, Prehistory, Greek World, and Roman World.

Archaeology of Daily Life: Bibliography

  • Johns Hopkins University Archaeological Museum
  • Developed spring 2011.
  • This bibliography is presented in conjunction with an online exhibit, done in part by an undergraduate research class, titled Archaeology of Daily Life. Topics of the exhibit include Childhood; Private Pleasures; Female Beauty; Jewelry; and “Tanagras.” The bibliography includes works on all these topics, presented together; it includes articles, monographs, and museum catalogs, all in English.

Ancient Marbles Bibliography


Pottery and Society in Antiquity

  • Nicholas K. Rauh, Classical Languages and Literatures, Purdue University
  • No last update date; latest items are late 1990s.
  • Select bibliography of sources mostly in English, with a focus on monographs, aimed at undergraduates. Covers both Greek and Roman pottery, with some more anthropological approaches in the context of ancient pottery.

Bibliography of Greek, Roman and Byzantine Pottery at Ilion (Troia)

Papers on Ceramic Fabrics

  • FACEM Project (Provenance Studies on Pottery in the Central Mediterranean), Universitat Wien
  • Updated June 2011.
  • This is a short list of publications, with linked .pdfs, about classical period ceramic fabrics from around the Mediterranean (Greece, Italy, North Africa, Sardinia). This is a new project, and it is soliciting participation from others, so it is to be hoped that this list of papers will grow. Project interface is in English.

Bibliography for Terracotta Figurines to 600 AD for the Years 1965-2011

  • Coroplastic Studies Interest Group, Archaeological Institute of America.
  • Currently being updated; includes 2011 publications.
  • Individual bibliographies arranged by year are available, and include monographs and articles in multiple languages, with a focus on the classical world (and pre-classical Greece).

African Red Slip Ware in Late Antique Italy


Greek coinage: A general Bibliography

Historiography of Numismatics

An introductory bibliography for Ancient Numismatics

Coinage of Greece & Rome - Bibliography

DONUM: Database of Numismatic Materials


Epigraphic Database Heidelberg: Bibliography

This searchable database contains 14,000 entries, comprising monographs and articles in multiple languages consulted in the production of L'Annee Epigraphique, which covers latin and bilingual inscriptions of the Roman Empire. The database is searchable by author, title, and other publication number, but also by the CIL number of inscription(s) treated in the publication. Interface is available in German and English.

Greek Art and Archaeology

Archaeology of Classical Greece Bibliography

  • Karl Petruso, Program in Anthropology, University of Texas at Arlington
  • Spring 2007.
  • Resources for undergraduates writing research papers, including articles and monographs in English. Many important topics are covered: Classical archaeology: History, theory, critique; Epigraphy; Athens; Sanctuaries and religion; Architecture; Art; Pottery; Coinage; Agriculture and foodways; Houses, households and daily life; Athletics; Ancient Greek history and society; Technology; Theater, theaters and dramatic festivals; Music and dance; Ships, sailing and naval architecture; Warfare and weapons; Death and burial. The site also includes a select list of relevant journals and links to major web sites at the bottom of the page.

Bibliography: Greek Archaeology

  • John Gruber-Miller, Department of Classical Studies, Cornell College (Iowa)
  • Copyrighted 2003; web page last updated March 16, 2011.
  • Lists introductory works, in English, for undergraduates. Covers the Greek Bronze Age through the Classical period, and has subdivisions for topics like Death and Burial, Sculpture, Religion, and Athletics.

Athenian Political Art from the fifth and fourth centuries BCE

Classical Greek Architecture

  • J. J. Coulton, Faculty of Classics, Oxford, hosted at Classical Art Research Centre.
  • No last update date; post-2000.
  • A select bibliography, mostly in English and most monographs, serving as a reading list for undergraduates. There are very brief annotations and categories such as Handbooks, Ancient Sources, Design and Technique, etc.



  • Unattributed, hosted at Classical Art Research Centre.
  • No last update date; post-2000.
  • A detailed bibliography including articles and books with an emphasis on English but much in other languages. Sub-headings: General, Connoisseurship, Iconography, Inscriptions, Shapes, Athenian, Boeotian, Corinthian, Chalcidian, East Greek, Etruscan, Laconian, South Italian.

Sculpture Bibliography

  • Unattributed, hosted at Classical Art Research Centre.
  • No last update date; post-2000.
  • An introductory bibliography with a focus on monographs in English. Sub-headings: General Handbooks, Introductory, Functions and Settings, Materials and Techniques, Artists, originals and copies, Archaic, Fifth-century BC, Fourth-century BC, Grave-reliefs, Portraiture.

The Parthenon Frieze: Bibliography

  • National Hellenic Research Foundation
  • No last update date: latest work is 2007.
  • This short bibliography, arranged alphabetically by author, includes monographs, edited volumes, dissertations, exhibition catalogues, and articles in multiple languages. The site as a whole is available in Greek as well as English.

History of collections (classical antiquities)

  • Unattributed, hosted at Classical Art Research Centre.
  • No last update date; post-2000.
  • An introductory bibliography including books and monographs with a focus on English but several works in other languages. Topics include inscriptions, and subheadings are Art, Archaeology, and Cultures of Collecting.

Greek Archaeological Sites

Bibliographie: Forschungsprojekt Amyklai

  • Forschungsprojekt Amyklai, contact: Stavros Vlizos, Benaki Museum.
  • Last updated 19 April 2011.
  • This comprehensive bibliography includes monographs, articles, excavation reports, encyclopedia entries, and dissertations on the site, in multiple languages. The site as a whole is available in German, Greek, or English.

ICA Chersonesus Bibliography

Corinthian Studies Library

Corinthian Matters: Bibliographies

  • David Pettegrew, Department of History, Messiah College
  • Currently updated (February 2012).
  • The above link collects in one place several bibliographic resources from the blog Corinthian Matters. The blog regularly reviews new books and collects bibliographic items on a monthly basis; annually, lists of references are produced including bibliographies on Early Christian Corinth (2010, 2011) and History and Archaeology (2010, 2011). There is also a list of dissertations on the Corinthia (2000-present), and publications of EKAS, The Eastern Korinthia Archaeological Survey.

The Corinth Computer Project Bibliography

  • David Gilman Romano, University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
  • Last updated January 24, 2012.
  • This brief bibliography lists publications of the Corinth Computer Project (which has a focus on the Roman colony), as well as providing a list of volumes in the Corinth final publication series which are relevant to Roman Corinth.

Scholarship on the Corinthia

ICA Croton Bibliography

Delphi: Bibliography

Eretria Bibliographic Database

  • Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece
  • Includes citations from 2011 publications.
  • A searchable database with 3061 entries of scholarly publications about Eretria and Euboea, in all languages. About 20 keywords can be used to narrow searches, including by chronological period, type of find, and other criteria.

Halieis Bibliography

OSU Excavations at Isthmia: Selected References

  • Unattributed, Ohio State University.
  • Copyrighted 2000; no items listed date after that.
  • I would guess this bibliography was prepared to orient students working at the site; it includes major publications about Isthmia as well as some very general works in Greek archaeology.

ICA Metapontum Bibliography

Samothrace: Framing the Mysteries in the Sanctuary of the Great Gods

Sparta: A Bibliography

  • John Paul Adams, Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures, California State University Northridge.
  • Last updated 09/09/08.
  • Includes books and articles in major European languages; subsections are Major ancient texts, History and society, and Archaeology.

ICA Library

  • Institute of Classical Archaeology, University of Texas at Austin
  • Last updated 6 July 2012.
  • This Zotero library of 2667 items serves as an inventory of ICA's holdings and library resources in Austin and Metaponto. It contains works related to Greek colonies in South Italy and the Black Sea region, to the ancient populations and environments of those areas, and to the later history of these regions up to the medieval and early modern periods. There are detailed subject tags.

Etruscan Art & Archaeology

Etruscan Architecture Bibliography

  • Ingrid Edlund-Berry, emerita professor, Department of Classics, University of Texas at Austin.
  • Latest works 2009.
  • This extensively annotated bibliography is highly structured and serves as an excellent introduction to the subject. Headings are: General Overviews, Collections of Papers, Museum Catalogues, History of Scholarship, Architects and Patrons, City Planning, Temples, Monumental Buildings, Domestic Architecture, Farmhouses, Funerary Architecture, City Walls, Functional Architecture (bridges, cisterns, etc.), Building Models, and several different types of Architectural Elements. Works listed include articles and books in multiple languages.

Poggio Civitate (Murlo): Publications

The Etruscan Library: Bibliography Section

  • Unattributed.
  • Latest works ca. 2000.
  • This site, aimed at the interested amateur, provides a brief annotated list of introductory works in English, mostly books, about Etruscan art, history, language, and religion.

Roman Art & Archaeology

Ara Pacis Augustae: Bibliography

  • Charles S. Rhyne, Department of Art History, Reed College
  • No last update date; includes 2010 works.
  • A select bibliography focused on the "complex physical history" of the Ara Pacis, includes the 1938 and 2006 museums. Arranged alphabetically, this includes monographs, articles, and web sites in multiple languages; there are lengthy and detailed annotations.

Ancient Roman Roads (Viae Romanae)

  • John P. Adams, Classics, California State University Northridge.
  • Last update April 2011.
  • A lengthy bibliography including monographs, articles, and web resources in multiple languages. Sub-headings include Texts, General Resources, and many geographical divisions.

Inscriptiones, Leges at Bibliographica Latina Selecta (Early Roman Inscriptions)

  • M. G. M. Van Der Poel, Classics Department, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen (Netherlands)
  • Last updated December 20, 2010.
  • Includes a long list of collection of archaic latin inscriptions, in multiple languages; much secondary literature is not included. Interface is in latin.

A bibliography on Roman Domestic Architecture

Documenting Cappadocia: Read

  • A. L. McMichael, City University of New York Graduate Center
  • Currently updated (summer 2012).
  • This list of publications includes books and articles in several languages, arranged alphabetically by author. The site covers Cappadocia from the 4th-10th centuries C.E.

Pompeiana Bibliography

  • Eric Poehler, Classics, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Kevin R. Cole, Visual Arts and Art History, Miami International University, and Steven Ellis, Classics, University of Cincinnati
  • Currently in progress (June 2012); the site as a whole is in beta and the authors welcome feedback.
  • This searchable bibliographic database is under construction, currently comprising about 7200 entries (weighted towards the beginning of the alphabet) with regular additions. It is based on the 14,596 -item Nova Bibliotheca Pompeiana by L. García y García’s, with post-1998 additions by the maintainers. Its goal is to be a comprehensive bibliography for the site of Pompeii.

Roman Britain

Roman Britain Bibliography

  • Classics and Ancient History, Warwick University.
  • Last updated June 1, 2010.
  • This reading list for an undergraduate course focuses on monographs, and all works are in English. Sections include general works, histories, administration, Hadrian's wall, towns, roads, countryside, and art.

Curse Tablets from Roman Britain: Bibliography

Sub-Roman Britain: Bibliography

  • Christopher A. Snyder. Department of History and Politics, Marymount University.
  • Last updated June 2, 2003.
  • This bibliography focuses on Britain in the period 400-600 C.E., and includes sections comprising bibliographies, primary sources, and secondary works. It includes monographs and articles; almost everything is in English.

Bibliography of Hadrian's Wall Since 2000

Hadrian's Wall: Bibliography

  • "Eight Great Archaeological Sites 2009," Undergraduate Class, Stanford University
  • Last updated March 20, 2009.
  • This bibliography is part of a digital project produced by the aforementioned class. It includes short sections on the archaeology of the wall and works about its time and context, including books, articles, and web sites, all in English.

Post-Classical Reception

The Reception of Classical Art Bibliography

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