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This page is used for collecting links to existing open-access bibliographies that fit the scope of the project. Please email additional suggestions to phoebe.acheson at Thanks!

If you'd like to add items yourself, feel free to edit the wiki. (Currently editing is restricted to registered users, due to spam, but I am happy to approve user accounts.) Format of entries is suggested:

  • Title (usually taken from the page itself, unless that is nonexistent or obscure).
  • Link (include text of url and the wiki will automatically hotlink it).
  • Author (individual or corporate, with academic affiliation if appropriate).
  • Last update date (if available; if not I try to note how late items in the bibliography go).
  • Description. Things to note include the audience (some bibliographies specifically target undergraduates or the general public), what sorts of resources are listed (books, articles, web sites, scholarly or popular?), if there is a focus on resources in a specific language, if there are annotations, if the bibliography is structured with sub-headings and examples of them, etc.

If an author is not listed, feel free to add a name as a sub-heading.



Select Bibliography (Greek Tragedy and Aeschylus)

  • James J. Clauss, Department of Classics, University of Washington
  • No last update date; latest works are 1999.
  • This select bibliography for an upper-level Greek class includes monographs and articles, mostly in English, and includes sections on Greek tragedy generally, Aeschylus generally, and the Agamemnon and Oresteia.

Aeschylus: Select Bibliography

Women and Gender in Aeschylus


Die Sprache Alkmans: Bibliographie

  • George Hinge, Associate Professor of Classical Philology, University of Aarhus.
  • This bibliography is supposed to list all articles and monographs on the poetry of Alcman. However, it is not complete yet.

Women and Gender in Alcman

Alexander Aetolus

A Hellenistic Bibliography: Alexander Aetolus


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Antimachus


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Anyte

Apollodorus the Mythographer / Pseudo-Apollodorus

ABEL: Apollodori Bibliotheca ELectronica

  • Marc Huys, Department of Classical Studies, K. U. Levuen
  • Currently updated.
  • Annotated and searchable bibliography, comprehensive for the subject, with editions, monographs, and articles in multiple languages.

Apollonius Dyscolus

Apollonius Dyscolus : A Complete Bibliography

Apollonius of Rhodes

A Hellenistic Bibliography: Apollonius of Rhodes


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Arartus and Aratea


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Archestratus


Diotima: Aristophanes

Aristophanes und die Alte Komodie

  • (.doc file, will download)
  • Georg Rechenauer, Klassische Philologie, Regensburg
  • Created Winter 1998.
  • This 9-page document assembles monographs and scholarly articles in multiple languages, heavy on the German. Sections include texts and commentaries (including fragments, and broken out by play), works on greek drama generally with a focus on comedy, and works on Aristophanes and old comedy generally.

Aristophanes, The Frogs, Course Bibliography

Aristophanes' Acharnians, Select Bibliography


The Rhetorical Aristotle: Selected Sources

Aristotle's Rhetoric: Bibliography

  • Lee Honeycutt, English Department, Iowa State University
  • Last updated 2007.
  • This bibliography covers selected works in English, generally from the world of rhetorical studies rather than classics. It is arranged chronologically.

Aristotle Poetics: a bibliography

  • Malcolm Heath, Department of Classics, University of Leeds
  • Currently updated (sporadically, by section).
  • An extensive bibliography covering works of all types in multiple languages, with subsections by topic and chapter within the Poetics.


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Asclepiades


Berossos - A Bibliography

  • Birgit Gufler and Irene Madreiter, University of Innsbruck
  • Includes material through August 2012.
  • This comprehensive 16-page bibliography, on the astronomer and historian of Hellenistic Babylonia, is available as a .pdf. It is organized alphabetically by author, and includes books, articles, and select encyclopedia entries. It will also be available in print in Johannes Haubold, Giovanni B. Lanfranchi, Robert Rollinger, and John Steele (eds.), The World of Berossos (Classica et Orientalia 5), Wiesbaden (in press).

Bion and Epitaphium Bionis

A Hellenistic Bibliography: Bion and Epitaphium Bionis


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Callimachus


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Cercidas


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Cleanthes


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Colluthus

Dionysius Periegetes

A Hellenistic Bibliography: Dionysius Periegetes


Demosthenes: Selected Sources


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Eratosthenes


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Erinna


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Eudocia


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Euphorion


References for Euclid

  • John J O'Connor and Edmund F Robertson, The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive, St. Andrews
  • Last updated January 1999.
  • This ca. 100-item bibliography includes books and articles, in multiple languages (including less common ones like Russian and Hungarian).

An Introduction to the Works of Euclid with an Emphasis on the Elements: Suggestions for Further Study

  • Donald Lancon, Jr., written for a class at the University of Texas, Austin
  • Last updated 2003, but works listed seem to date before 1990.
  • A limited bibliography on Euclid from a mathematics perspective, with works in English. Rather out of date.


Diotima: Euripides

Euripides and Tragic Theatre in the Late Fifth Century: Bibliography

  • Multiple authors (see below); hosted by David Sansone, University of Illinois at Chicago.
  • Created 1999.
  • Bibliography to Illinois Classical Studies 24-25 (1999-2000), selected papers presented at “Euripides and Tragic Theatre in the late 5th Century,” held 12-16 May 1999 at The Banff Centre, Alberta, Canada. Includes books and articles in multiple languages. Also available as a PDF file.

Euripides’ Alcestis, Select Bibliography

  • Hanna Roisman and Celia Luschnig, University of Idaho, Classics
  • No last updated date; most recent publication is 2000.
  • Includes editions and commentaries and literary studies, both articles and books, mostly but not exclusively in English. Works especially useful for undergraduates are noted.

Euripides: Bacchae

  • M. P Cuypers, Universitet Leiden
  • No last update date; latest works are ca. 2001
  • Bibliography begins on p. 107, and includes books and articles in multiple languages, divides into the topics Tragedy, Euripides, Bacchae, and Drama-Theory.

Euripides’ Medea, Bibliography

Evagrius Ponticus

Guide to Evagrius Ponticus: Bibliography


Corpus Galenicum: Bibliographie der galenischen und pseudogalenischen Werke

Gregory of Nazianzus

Grégoire de Nazianze: bibliographie en ligne

  • Bernard Coulie, Universite Catholique de Louvain
  • No last update date.
  • A searchable bibliographic database allows searching by author, work, keyword, language, and date. The database includes monographs and articles in multiple languages. Interface is in French.

Gregory of Nyssa

Gregory of Nyssa Bibliography

  • Mattheiu Cassin, Centre Nationale de la Rechere Scientifique (CNRS)
  • Currently updated as of October 4, 2014.
  • This comprehensive bibliography, hosted as a Zotero library, includes sections for Editions and Translations, Reviews, and Studies (papers and monographs.) It is heavily tagged as well.


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Hermesianax


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Herodas


A Selective Bibliography to Herodotus

  • William Johnson, Department of Classics, Duke University.
  • Last updated October 2, 2009.
  • This select bibliography for a graduate seminar includes books and articles in multiple languages. Sections include bibliographies, editions and commentaries, general studies and standard references, style and language, first sentence and proem, composition and structure, narrative and narratology, inherited traditions, sources and authority, ethnicity and identity.

Herodotus Bibliography

  • Saundra Schwartz, Department of History, University of Hawaii at Manoa
  • Last updated spring 2006.
  • This select bibliography, created for a senior undergraduate seminar in ancient history, includes monographs and articles, mostly in English. It is arranged alphabetically by author.

Women and Gender in Herodotus

Herodotus and the Scythians Bibliography

  • George Hinge, Classical Philology, University of Aarhus.
  • Last updated probably 2004.
  • This select bibliography includes monographs and articles in multiple languages. Subtopics are texts, general works, works on Book 4, language, religion, and archaeology. Interface also available in German and Danish.


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Hesiod

Women and Gender in Hesiod

Listening to the Spider: reading Hesiod’s Works and Days: Bibliography


Corpus Hippocraticum: Bibliographie der hippokratischen und pseudohippokratischen Werke

  • Gerhard Fichtner, late of Universitat Tübingen; continued by the Corpus Medicorum Graecorum/Latinorum
  • Updated March 2011.
  • This 128-page .pdf is arranged by ancient work, with editions, translations, and secondary scholarship. There is an index. In German.


Bibliographie Homerique

  • Centre d'Etudes homériques, Grenoble (with other institutions)
  • Updated as of 2015.
  • This online database has simple and advanced searches, by author and keyword. Its scope is comprehensive, judging by the contents, which include books and articles in several languages. There is no scope note; the years one can search on are listed as 1991-2105. Interface is in French.

Women and Gender in Homer

  • Diotima at
  • Last updated 2004.
  • Select bibliography of books and articles, mostly in English, related to women and gender in Homer. Arranged alphabetically.

Homer 1978-1992

  • Hans Schwabl, Georg Danek and Stefan Hagel
  • Covers 1978-1992.
  • Extensive bibliography, searchable in many ways, including by author, keyword (controlled vocabulary), and lemma. Interface is in German.



Isocrates: Selected Sources


Centre Libanios - Bibliografie

Leonidas of Tarentum

A Hellenistic Bibliography: Leonidas of Tarentum

Lucian of Samosata

Bibliographie Provisoire (Lucien)


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Lycophron


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Machon


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Matron


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Meleager


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Menander

Women and Gender in Menander


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Moschus


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Musaeus


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Nicander


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Nonnus


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Nossis


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Oppiani


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Parthenius


Pausanias, une bibliographie sur le periegete

  • Christophe Hugot, Bibliotheque des Sciences de l'Antiquite, Universite de Lille
  • Last updated September 2008.
  • Includes monographs only, in multiple languages, with sections texts, translations and commentaries, and studies.


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Phanocles


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Philetas


The Heroikos Project: Bibliography


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Pindar


The Rhetorical Plato: Selected Sources

  • Margaret Zulick, Department of Communication, Wake Forest University
  • No last update date; latest works are 2001.
  • A selected bibliography of books and articles in English related to this aspect of Plato; subsections exist for Gorgias and Phaedrus.

Selected Bibliography – Plato’s Symposium

  • Radcliffe Edmonds, Department of Greek, Latin, & Classical Studies, Bryn Mawr College
  • No last update date; latest work is 1998.
  • This select bibliography, presumably intended for students, includes articles and monographs in English only, and is arranged alphabetically.


Plutarch Bibliography

  • Fran Titchener for the International Plutarch Society, hosted at Utah State University
  • Last updated January 5, 2011.
  • This is a comprehensive bibliography including books and articles in multiple languages. It is structured as lists of works organized alphabetically by author, in several large .pdf files.

Bibliography on Plutarch

  • Kenneth Mayer, formerly Dept. of Classics, University of Texas
  • No last update date; latest works included are 1997.
  • This is a selected but detailed bibliography, including books and monographs in multiple languages. It is structured with sections on basic works, editions, the second sophistic, individual Lives, religion, influence, and more; a few of the works listed also have annotations.


The New Posidippus Bibliography

  • Valentina Popescu, Department of Classics, University of Miami.
  • Last update March 5, 2004.
  • Bibliography created to go with the conference, The New Posidippus, University of Cincinnati, 2002. This bibliography is comprehensive, listed alphabetically by author, and includes works in all languages.

A Hellenistic Bibliography: Posidippus


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Pseudo-Scymnus

Quintus of Smyrna

A Hellenistic Bibliography: Quintus of Smyrna


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Rhianus


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Sappho


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Simias


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Simonides


Sophocles: Select Bibliography

Diotima: Sophocles

  • Diotima at
  • Last updated 2004.
  • Short select bibliography on Sophocles with reference to women and gender studies, includes monographs and articles, largely in English.


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Sotades

Strato of Sardis

A Hellenistic Bibliography: Strato of Sardis


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Theocritus


Short Bibliography on Thucydides

Diotima: Thucydides

Thucydides Rhetor: Selected Sources

  • Margaret Zulick, Department of Communication, Wake Forest University
  • No last update date; latest works are 2001.
  • A selected bibliography of books and articles in English related to this aspect of Thucydides scholarship.


A Hellenistic Bibliography: Triphiodorus

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